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L O V E & L I G H T

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Massage Candle


A divine blend of cocoa butter, shea butter a few other secret ingredients. Relax and embrace the silk feeling of this combination in your chosen scent!

Simply light the candle until you have the desired amount, extinguish the flame & use the combination of melted soy wax, oils & butters as a massage oil. Soy melts at around 45 deg. so it won't burn. As everyone has different preferences, always make sure you check the temperature is suitable before pouring it. You can always leave it for a few minutes to cool further before use.

When you light your candle, make sure you let it burn all the way to the edge - this will stop the candle from tunneling and minimise wax buildup on the glass.


PLEASE NOTE: Massage candles are best without colour as the colour can mark fabric.

Would you like your massage candle to have a natural, tinted or solid colour?

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